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Pitfalls Before the Altar and Beyond
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As I wait at the altar with my best man and the rest of the wedding party, the young ushers gracefully pull the white runner down the aisle of the church. After all that practice, Brandy and Chantel are going at the same pace. You are making your uncle Derrick very proud. The flower girl delicately tosses flowers on each side of her.

With high hopes of seeing the best, everyone is aware that Angela will soon take center stage like the master of ceremonies at the beginning of a show. The music commences and settles the mood of an already tense moment, but I sense the nervousness that surrounds my sweetheart does not go away completely. My wife-to-be is standing at the entrance of the church in a dazzling white dress with a long train and a veil. Everyone in the pews stands, gazing at her with a look of complete satisfaction. She is truly a queen ready to receive her crown.