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Pitfalls Before the Altar and Beyond
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As I stand dressed in my white tuxedo awaiting my soul mate, I take a few seconds to contemplate my past years as an independent man, a bachelor, and a man with few responsibilities outside of my job. In the same manner, I eagerly look forward to the coming years as a committed man, a husband, and a father-- a man who puts his family first. I signal with a deep breath that I am ready. It is the type of deep breath that I would take before skydiving for the first time, because I am fully aware of the risk that I am taking. In spite of the uncertainty indicated by this deep breath, confidence is always present because I believe I will reach my final destination safe and sound. This so called “dangerous chance” people may say I am taking will be worth it.

* * * * * * * * * *

Derrick thought this image of his wedding day could never be distorted. He was wrong!!! It did not take long for the lion of truth to start roaring its golden rule. “The truth comes in many different languages; the truth travels at many different speeds, and the truth comes in many different forms and variations. The one principle that the truth does not change is its realness.”

If you read the first two and half pages of my book plus this page, I know I have you where I want you. I hope I am not sounding too bigheaded because I truly want you to keep reading. Are you curious to know what struggles lie ahead for Derrick and Angela? Are you curious to know if these are the same struggles that you faced in a relationship or could possibly face? If you will give me the opportunity to speak to your conscious, I promise you I will get you to look at your relationship from a different perspective. As the story of Derrick and Angela reaches its climax, I guarantee it will have an ending that will be almost impossible to predict. Are you still interested? For $13 plus $3 shipping and handling, this 279-page novel can be yours if you click the "Buy the Books" link above.