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Pitfalls Before the Altar and Beyond
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Derrick Lewis walked into the front door of the apartment.  He was physically worn out from a hard day’s work and making preparations for the wedding. The wedding was in the “early stages of development,” but the responsibilities that were given to him by his fiancée, Angela Robinson, were increasing daily. He had soon discovered that each responsibility was more time-consuming than the last.

Before heating up leftovers for dinner, Derrick decided to get a snack, relax, and watch television. He watched a love story that ended with a couple standing at the altar getting married. Moments later, he fell sound asleep on the sofa in the living room with part of his snack still in his hand and his feet propped up on the coffee table. The movie he had been watching triggered his emotions, and he began to dream and to talk in his sleep about how his wedding day would be * * * * * * * *

As I wait at the altar with my best man and the rest of the wedding party, the young ushers gracefully pull the white runner down the aisle of the church. After all that practice, Brandy and Chantel are going at the same pace. You are making your uncle Derrick very proud. The flower girl delicately tosses flowers on each side of her.

With high hopes of seeing the best, everyone is aware that Angela will soon take center stage like the master of ceremonies at the beginning of a show. The music commences and settles the mood of an already tense moment, but I sense the nervousness that surrounds my sweetheart does not go away completely. My wife-to-be is standing at the entrance of the church in a dazzling white dress with a long train and a veil. Everyone in the pews stands, gazing at her with a look of complete satisfaction. She is truly a queen ready to receive her crown.

Angela’s veil prevents everyone from getting a full view of her face, but even this covering is unable to hide the magnificent display of my baby’s beauty. The partial view is enough to leave the congregation in awe. As my companion-for-life glides down the aisle, she knows that all eyes are watching her every move. I know she can’t wait to get to the hotel, so she can slip into that sexy red lingerie she told me she had bought especially for tonight. At the same time, the freak in me can’t wait until she takes it off, so I can ‘beat that pussy up all night long.’ As Angela continues to walk down the aisle, her nervousness vanishes. I can feel Angela’s confident vibrations touching my heart as she realizes this is her day, and she deserves to be here.

My mom, who said she was not going to cry, is sobbing and quickly wiping away her tears, hoping no one will notice. Hey, mom. It’s okay. I know those tears are not an expression of disappointment. Those tears that I see flowing from your eyes are symbolic of the love, faith, and hope that eventually embrace every married couple who is truly committed to God and themselves. Those tears are tears of commitment because you have already committed yourself to loving my bride as if she were your own daughter.

For my mom, who is sitting in the pew trying to turn her tears into a moderate smile, this commitment came easy. She knew that our union would enrich the family. She knew that she was gaining a daughter and not losing a son, so when my wedding day came, I expected to have my mom’s undying support. From what I have heard other people say, marriage is hard enough with the support of the family.

As I stand dressed in my white tuxedo awaiting my soul mate, I take a few seconds to contemplate my past years as an independent man, a bachelor, and a man with few responsibilities outside of my job. In the same manner, I eagerly look forward to the coming years as a committed man, a husband, and a father-- a man who puts his family first. I signal with a deep breath that I am ready. It is the type of deep breath that I would take before skydiving for the first time, because I am fully aware of the risk that I am taking. In spite of the uncertainty indicated by this deep breath, confidence is always present because I believe I will reach my final destination safe and sound. This so called “dangerous chance” people may say I am taking will be worth it.

* * * * * * * * * *

Derrick thought this image of his wedding day could never be distorted. He was wrong!!! It did not take long for the lion of truth to start roaring its golden rule. “The truth comes in many different languages; the truth travels at many different speeds, and the truth comes in many different forms and variations. The one principle that the truth does not change is its realness.”

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